Buffet Platters – Make an ordinary buffet look amazing

Buffet Platters

In planning a buffet it is important to think about presentation. Good colour combinations and the correct size and shape of the platter.

Our elegant range of Rectangle Platters will combine functionality and creativity for culinary excellence. With a multitude of sizes and combinations with or without lids our platters will meet your needs and that of your clients.
Don’t like the shape of square platters? Don’t despair as our Octagonal Platters mix the aesthetics of the round platters with the function-ability of square pallets to give the best possible appearance.
For a more rounded approach to serving food, why not try our new selection of Round Platters. Platters of all sizes can be ordered along with their corresponding lids to suit your needs.
For unique shape to your platter opt for our cost effective Pyramid lids SP2 or our 7 Compartment platters, DS7C.

Canape’s  – To do or not to do? – That is the question

Canape’s (normally 6-8 per head) can look beautiful.  But it is important to remember it is not the easy option.  Keep as simple as possible thinking about the colour and texture. Space the canape’s well on the buffet platters and decorate with edible flowers or herbs.  A sprig of rosemary always looks fresh and easy to purchase or grown in a garden or windowsill.  Utilise small bowls and forks to add a new dimension to your buffet.  You can serve a mixture of hot and cold hand food and place on buffet platters.  Your audience will be impressed and will often fill their plates with at least one of each of what is on offer.

The main  advantage of canape’s, they fit easily onto a plate.  Avoid foods that need cutting with a knife.  Finger or fork food only.  Most parties often people are standing while eating one handed. Choose strong plates such as the bagasse compostable choices of PP7 and PP9.  We will never stock or sell paper plates the quality is not good enough to hold in the hand without distorting.

Buffet Platters


Hot or Cold Buffet – The principles are the same.

To focus the eye on your buffet immediately choose a centrepiece.  With the right colour and balance of flavours a simple buffet can look fantastic.  Depending on the clients needs the centrepiece could be a whole salmon or a platter of meats or a vegetarian delight.  Surround this food sculpture with simple salads and dips that compliment the flavours.  Large 80oz bowls V80B are the perfect size for large catering events.  The clarity in the clear plastic shows off pasta salads, potato salads and vegetable salads perfectly on a buffet.  They give a degree of height to the appearance of the buffet.

Salad Bowls

An environmentally friendly buffet is now something you can offer

Home Compostable Bowls and Platters

Todays clients often require more than just great food.  If you wish to offer something more then it is fully possible now to put the entire buffet on Compostable Packaging.  We stock 14 inch and 17 inch  buffet platters in bagasse pulp.  Very strong and secure.  We have plates, bowls and burger boxes in this product made from sugar cane.  Our products manufactured by Sabert and enviroware are certified for home composting.  The bagasse products can support temperature differences between  -10 degrees to +120 degrees Celsius.  Don’t forget the cutlery.  We also stock compostable cutlery and wooden cutlery alongside our standard plastic cutlery.


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