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CPET Food Trays

CPET food trays are the ultimate ready meals product. THE CPET ready meal trays have a temperature range of between -40 degrees and +220 degrees Celsius. Our CPET food trays are sealed with film and have high barrier properties. The new Name for CPET trays are Evolve trays, as they are new a multitude of colours made with recycled plastics.  Still high quality food grade.

£98.48 excl. ( £118.18 incl.)
£121.46 excl. ( £145.75 incl.)

Microwave and Oven Containers

Duel Ovenable Tray Shallow – DOT35 Cased 600

£78.00 excl. ( £93.60 incl.)

Microwave and Oven Containers

Sealing Film for DOT Trays – DOT140F 1 Roll

£83.16 excl. ( £99.79 incl.)