Aluminium Foil Containers | Foil Trays & Optional Lids

We have a huge range of high quality Aluminium Foil Containers that are available in many sizes and shapes. Our Aluminium Foil Containers are perfect for dishes such as steak puddings, pasties, pies, salads, hot meats, stir fry’s, sauces, curries and deserts. Our Aluminium Foil Trays come in a range of sizes and are suitable for the freezer and oven. If you need Lids, we’ve got you covered.

We here at AA Catering Disposables Ltd have decades of experience in Food Packaging and we think you have made the right choice when considering aluminium foil containers.  Phone Anne-Marie with over 25 years experience to chat about your requirements.  Aluminium Foil is and always will be 100% recyclable and widely collected by all councils fortnightly.


  • Competitive edge to other food packaging materials.
  • Temperature Range – unaffected by extremes of temperature, deep blast freezing or high heat no problem
  • Impermeable barrier – lengthens shelf life of product due to no loss or gain of moisture or odour transfer.
  • Highest Hygiene levels – Foil does not provide a habitat for micro-organisms and does not corrode.
  • Lid-able –  if a foil has an interrupted vertical curl it uses conventional insert lidding foil board or double poly coated. Lids are found in related products at the bottom of each foil page.

Choose whether you want the price each excluding or including VAT.  Divide the total price by the quantity per box.  This gives you a price each.  For example Code 830420-108 (No.2 rectangle foils)

Without VAT

With VAT

£37.58/1000 = 3.7 pence each

£45.10/1000 = 4.5 pence each

Here at AA Catering Disposables insist that the products we sell are very high quality and what we call “fit for purpose”.  The foil needs to be strong enough to carry its contents without collapsing.  We have specification sheets for all our aluminium foil food containers, which give the micron of thickness.  Most of our foils are manufactured here in the UK to strict BRC regulations and aftercare.

Aluminium is the World’s most abundant material that loses none of its material properties in recycling.  According to Alupro 75% of all aluminium ever mined is still in use today.

Here at AA Catering Disposables we hold one of the largest ranges of aluminium foil containers in the UK. 

Most rectangular aluminium foil containers take a lid, whereas a large proportion of our round foil containers have a rolled edge and therefore do not take a lid. Some of the round foils are lanced (pinprick holes in the base) which helps the pastry to bake faster and more evenly.

To guarantee next working day delivery we ask that you order before 3pm.  Any orders after this we will do our very best to get it on that days courier van.  Please phone for Saturday delivery cost and possibility.