Focus on Our Manufacturers – Celebration Packaging

Kraft PLA - Celebration Packaging Manufacturer

This is our second installment of highlight of our Suppliers and how we choose them for quality, reliability, sustainability of products and Competitive price.  Today we are looking at Celebration Packaging with over 30 years of experience into the food packaging industry. 

As with all good Story’s there are 2 sides and celebration excel at both.  They have a tried and tested food service brochure, concentrating on essentials such as plastic glasses, Tamper Evident Pots and Sandwich Platters.  And then more recently they have become leading experts in Natural sustainable packaging with their Enviroware brochure.  Feel free  to take a look at both here by clicking on the pictures.


Celebration Packaging Brochure
Celebration Packaging Enviroware Brochure

Click on the image of the glass to see the full Celebration Packaging Catalogue.

Click on the Enviroware image above to see all the environmentally friendly Packaging that Celebration have to offer.

Benefits of Celebration Packaging

Full range for all budgets: Celebration Packaging has a very extensive range of products they have built up over the years, ranging from the cheap and cheerful up to the most luxurious products on the market.  This is most evident in the cutlery section.  We have stocked their budget range for over 25 years and never once had a single complaint with quality.

Innovation: Celebration are always looking for the next best thing which is not only fit for purpose but looks great in the process.  For example this years entrance into Food Packaging Association Awards for innovation category is their latest product release Kraft PLA Lined Salad/ Food Containers (as shown in the key image top of this page).

Products sold in strong outer cartons and perfect quantities : Celebration Packaging take care when choosing outer boxes for their products.  As a distributor this is essential for us to receive the goods in a quality we can resell.  Also by packing in smaller quantities, Celebration understand that space is often a premium for the end user.

Clear information:  The products sold by Celebration are in packaging with clear labels and the website has all the information necessary to purchase with confidence.  All packaging has Specification sheets and Food Quality BRC certificates.


We here at AA Catering Disposables find that by stocking carefully selected products by Celebration we can build trust that drives sales, satisfaction and loyalty.  Look out for the logo’s we are adding to all product pages which explain which items are Compostable, recycled or recyclable. 


Some of the products we stock on our website manufactured by Celebration

Cutlery – Plastic Cutlery, Wooden Cutlery, Compostable Cutlery

Compostable Takeaway Packaging – Chip Tray, Fish & Chip Box, Burger Box, Medium Food Box, Breakfast Box

Biodegradable Food Containers – Card Soup Containers, EcoKraft Trays

Octagonal Platters – 14″ Platter and Lid, 17″ Platter and Lid

Deliptos – 8oz Delipots, 12oz Delipots, 16oz Delipots